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Your brand image depends both on the service you provide to your customers, and the atmosphere you create in your stores. To help you achieve success, Elis offers a full range of hospitality, hygiene and washroom products designed to meet your needs.

Why choose Elis?

  • A positive working environment


    A positive working environment

    Since a clean, comfortable working environment enhances the well-being of your sales staff, and creates the best conditions for them to deal with your customers, Elis is there beside you every day. We deliver a range of washroom products, along with bespoke solutions for pest prevention and control to ensure maximum protection for your premises.

  • A unique customer experience


    A unique customer experience

    Providing the best experience for an increasingly demanding clientele is your main focus, since your image depends on it. Here at Elis, we can help you reach your goal with a full range of equipment: welcome mats, water coolers, coffee machines, washroom products, air fragrancing, and so on.

  • Customisable clothing


    Customisable clothing

    Your sales staff are the main ambassadors for your brand. That’s why giving them clothing aligned with your brand is a great idea. At Elis, we offer a wide range of clothing customisation options, specifically including your company’s logo and colourways.

  • Service continuity


    Service continuity

    Because you have priorities apart from managing the replacement of washroom equipment and hospitality products, we aim to lighten your load by delivering and replenishing hygiene consumables, as well as the upkeep of equipment to ensure it operates smoothly, day after day. This service continuity allows you to focus on your business.


Thanks to our bespoke solutions, we allow you to focus on your core business, while keeping an eye on your budget.

  • Objective

    Your needs assessed by our experts

    We assess your needs in advance so we can offer you bespoke solutions.

  • Picto_storage

    Purchase and storage of your items by Elis

    Because you do not have the time to manage your teams’ clothing and linen, we take charge of their purchase and storage.

  • Recycle

    Laundering of your items

    Quality checks are made at every stage of the cleaning process at specialised facilities.

  • Picto_truck_delivery

    Regular pickup and delivery

    We tailor our services to your pace and your preferences.

Other markets


Food trade

Working in the food trade, your priority is providing your customers with great service and offering high-quality products for sale. As a partner, we can take care of the rest, especially in the supply and maintenance of hygiene and hospitality...

cover_Garages and dealerships

Garages and dealerships

Whether you’re a car dealership or an independent garage, the competition is tough. We can help you stand out by providing you with high-quality workwear, along with the right hygiene solutions to meet the needs of your business...


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