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Hospitals & Clinics


As you look after your patients, we support you by providing just the right bed and bath linen. We provide all hospital staff with spotlessly clean workwear. Whether you’re a public, private or voluntary sector organisation, we help you make the most of your laundry services budget. Elis is right there by your side. 

Why choose Elis ?

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    Advice on how to manage your budget

    Elis adjusts to your laundry needs, which vary according to peaks in activity. Our healthcare sector experts will help you develop a tailor-made protocol with the aim of optimising your budget. The way we are organized also means we can easily support you through any changes in staffing, working hand-in-hand with your care staff. 

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    Outfits for every profession

    Medical coats and operating room scrub suits; outfits for your paramedics, maintenance personnel and catering staff; tunics and trousers for your caregivers and nurses. Elis can help kit out the entire hospital. Our workwear is suitable for the tasks involved in every occupation in the healthcare sector, combining comfort, practicality and customisation. 

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    Compliance assured

    Fire-retardant standard for items that are placed on a mattress, for your peace of mind; RABC certification of bed and bath linen and medical outfits for guaranteed bacterial cleanliness... Because the safety and hygiene of your patients is your everyday concern, Elis’ linen is laundered using a process that complies with the specific standards for the health sector. 

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    Outpatient linen

    Half-fitted sheets that will fit your armchairs and stretchers; draw sheets and duvets designed specifically for outpatient care. Our dedicated offer means that Elis can support you as you adapt to changes in professional practices in the hospital environment.

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    Clothing dispensers

    The goal of our innovative offer in automated workwear dispensing is to save you time. Thanks to a fully connected system, your doctors, nurses or caregivers can access clean outfits 24/7, either folded or on hangers. Dirty clothes can be returned at their convenience.

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    Insect control at the hospital

    Flies, mosquitoes, bed bugs or meal moths pose a threat to the health of your patients and the hygiene of your healthcare setting. It also poses a risk for your image. Because rodent control, insect control and disinfection in the hospital environment require specific know-how, Elis’ 150 experts are your trusted partners.

Our markets

cover city hospital

City medicine

Whether you are a doctor, a dentist or a health centre professional, treating your patients is your priority. Elis takes care of the rest. Immaculate gowns and tunics, solutions for a reassuring waiting room and pleasant washroom facilities: improving...

retirement_home 3

Retirement Home

Because hygiene is a key concern for you, Elis makes more time for your teams and helps give your caregivers a break. Our range of bed and bath linen and workwear covers every aspect of life in a retirement home. Residents’ personal laundry? This is...

Specialized home for disabled people cover

Specialized home for disabled people

Are you looking for workwear for your nurses and care assistants who look after people with disabilities? Or for a solution for your residents’ personal laundry? Elis can lend a helping...

Crèche halte garderie

Day nursery and child day-care

The health and well-being of young children is your priority, and we’re here to help. We are committed to supporting professionals looking after young children with every stage of the hygiene and linen care protocols of your community nursery...

Entretien linge personnel

The Personal Laundry service

Our partner AD3 provides an individual service for personal laundry for settings such as residential homes and specialised residential care facilities for people with disabilities. AD3 also provides bespoke solutions...


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